Coalition For a Clean Minnesota River

CCMR supporting/donor and cooperating
groups and businesses

P.O. Box 488
New Ulm, MN 56073
  1. New Ulm Area Sport Fishermen, New Ulm
  2. Clean Up our River Environment, Upper Minnesota River
  3. Lac Qui Parle Lake Association, Montevideo area
  4. Friends of the Minnesota Valley, Bloomington
  5. Minnesota Earth Sabbath Team, basin wide
  6. Rahr Malting Co., Shakopee
  7. Minnesota Interfaith Ecology Coalition, State wide
  8. Minnesota Chapter of Izaak Walton League of America, Bloomington
  9. Minnesota Division of the Izaak Walton League of America, St. Paul
  10. National Izaak Walton League of America
  11. Brown County SWCD
  12. Mankato Paddling and Outing Club, Mankato
  13. Catholic Diocese of New Ulm, basin wid
  14. New Ulm Quartzite Quarries, New Ulm
  15. Meyer Soft Water, St. Pete
  16. Minnesota State Water Resources Center, Mankato
  17. August Schell Brewing Company, New Ulm
  18. St. Peter Ambassadors, St. Peter
  19. Kato Mayflower, Mankato
  20. Heymann Construction Company, New Ulm
  21. American Rivers, Washington, D.C
  22. Minnesota River Board
  23. Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, St. Paul
  24. Environmental Defense Fund, Washington, D.C.
  25. The Legal Professionals
  26. Roth and Associates, New Ulm
  27. Jensen Motors, New Ulm
  28. Brown/Nicollet/Cottonwood, Clean Water Partnership
  29. Save the Kasota Prairie
  30. Blue Earth River Basin Initiative, Blue Earth River Watershed Area/Fairmont
  31. Subway Sandwiches, New Ulm
  32. RCRCA Redwood-Cottonwood Rivers Control Area
  33. J.B. Lures, Winthrop, MN
  34. Mitlying Bait, on Lac qui parle
  35. 3M Corporation and the 3M River Restoration Action Team
  36. MR Paving and Excavating, New Ulm
  37. Brown Co.
  38. Kraft Foods, New Ulm
  39. Design Home Center, New Ulm
  40. Lamplighter Bar & Grille, New Ulm
  41. Liquor Mart, New ULm
  42. KDB Trucking, New Ulm
  43. Cash Wise Foods, New Ulm
  44. SSL Auto Service, New Ulm
  45. Ahrens Heating, New Ulm
  46. Alkar Manufacturing, New Ulm
  47. Burger King, New Ulm
  48. HyVee Foods, New Ulm
  1. Laraway Roofing, New Ulm
  2. Schanus Plumbing & Htg., New Ulm
  3. Dr. Ken Windschitl, New Ulm
  4. New Ulm Tire, New Ulm
  5. Larson Allen LLP.
  6. Arneson Dist., Sleepy Eye
  7. Bank Midwest, New Ulm
  8. Hoffman Const., New Ulm
  9. Forst Transfer, New Ulm
  10. Schmucker Funeral Service, New Ulm
  11. Citizens Bank, New Ulm
  12. Community Insurance Agency, New Ulm
  13. Dr. Steve Akre, Nwe Ulm
  14. Jensen Motors, New Ulm
  15. Valley Properties, New Ulm
  16. MN Music Hall of Fame, New Ulm
  17. Runnings Employees, New Ulm
  18. Lambrecht's, New Ulm
  19. Ron Saffert Stifel/Nicolaus, New Ulm
  20. Gail Waldner Prof. Emeritis U of M
  21. New Ulm Truck & Trailer
  22. McDonalds Rest., New Ulm
  23. Furth-Meile Insurance, New Ulm
  24. Brown & Brown Insurance, Mankato
  25. River Creek Nursery, New Ulm
  26. New Ulm Dental Clinic
  27. Robert Reinhart CPA, New Ulm
  28. Ken Vonderharr CPA, New Ulm
  29. Shelly Kahler Inc., New Ulm
  30. Alliance Bank, New Ulm
  31. Domeier's German Store, New Ulm
  32. Gislason & Hunter Attorneys at Law, New Ulm
  33. D&A Truck Lines, New Ulm
  34. Concordia Lanes, New Ulm
  35. South Point Fenderal, New Ulm
  36. M&R Paving & Excavating, New Ulm
  37. Denny's Auto Service Lafayette
  38. Terry's Auto Service NU
  39. S&S Motors Courtland
  40. Deutsche Stasse Bed and Breakfast NU
  41. Perkins Resturant NU
  42. S&S Motors, New Ulm
  43. Ulmer Cafe, New Ulm
  44. Chuck Spaeth Ford, New Ulm
  45. Happy Joes, New Ulm
  46. Terry's Service, New Ulm
  47. Rolloff Electric, New Ulm
  48. New Ulm Jaycees
  49. New Ulm Kiwanis


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