Coalition For a Clean Minnesota River
Hey River enthusiasts and concerned citizens
We need your help!

P.O. Box 488
New Ulm, MN 56073

Would you enjoy assisting and advising on-going efforts to clean up the river and it's tributaries?
Do you think a grass-roots voce for the river is important in guiding clean up efforts?
Would you like to see water quality clean up efforts accelerated?
Do you think it's important to monitor those accountable for river clean up actions?
Are you tired of studies and want action?
Would you like to have your voice be heard?
Would you like to communicate with others working to improve the Minnesota River and it's tributaries?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, now is the time to act.

      There are many people who feel this type of citizen grass roots watershed wide advisement is a critical component in order for clean up efforts to be fully successful. Recommendations to the Minnesota River Board, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and other Government Agencies are most effective when presented in a unified manner. Rest assured that after 22 years of successes that we still have the clean up the river and its tributaries as our clear focus. We remain the only basin-wide 501 c 3 Federal tax exempt organization working exclusively on river clean up. We look forward to representing the best interests of the river on your behalf. Presently at the wishes of the general membership and the Board of Directors, we will continue our successful works, while at the same time we are directing energy to creating a watershed scale demonstration project which will showcase the technical advances which have been made for rural land drainage. These advances will show strides in conservation and water quality can be achieved when installed correctly and in the right places.

Please consider helping us with a donation or membership. As in the past, we take pride in stretching out every dollar as far as possible. Keep in mind all contributions including membership to CCMR are completely tax deductible. Our successful history as an organization speaks for itself. We've been here and we're not goin' anywhere. Thank you for your sincere consideration.


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